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Physical Therapy Continuing Education eProfessor Profile

Cindy Bailey PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC

Dr. Cindy Bailey is a leading practitioner and instructor of sports taping techniques, including the use of kinesiotaping. She has collaborated as an author on several chapters and articles on the uses of tape as a medical modality, and teaches courses around on the world on the topic. She also teaches high school and little league coaches how to evaluate injuries on the field, as well as proper taping techniques.

Examples of Dr. Bailey's accomplishments include:

  • Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy at Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital (LAOH) and administrator of the LAOH sports care outreach and education program.
  • Faculty, University of California—San Diego Medical School Continuing Medical Education Program, and Guest Lecturer, Physical Therapy Doctoral Program, Mount St. Mary’s University.
  • Has been an invited practitioner with the Pan Am games, the World Figure Skating Championships and several U.S. Olympic teams, as well as a consultant to the Chinese government for facility and healthcare needs during the Beijing Olympic games in 2008.
  • Has worked and traveled with the University of Southern California ice hockey team as their certified athletic trainer and EMT since 1997.


Clinical Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals (6.50 hours)

Cindy Bailey PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC

Recommended Lecture Sequence:
  1. Part I: Basics and Lymphatic Taping (3.00 hours) - $89.85 -    - Buy Course
  2. Part II: Upper Extremity Clinical Muscle Taping Techniques (1.50 hours) - $44.93 -    - Buy Course
  3. Part III: Lower Extremity Clinical Muscle Taping Techniques (2.00 hours) - $59.90 -    - Buy Course

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  • Volunteer Community Service Award, USC Ice Hockey, 2016.
  • Master Clinician Award, Stanbridge College, 2016.

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