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About Us

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Just like you...

Our education has a purpose – to improve our patient care.
       And, we offer evidence of that!
We are curious
       And, maybe a bit non-traditional.
And, yet we are different from each other.
       We come from different clinical backgrounds and we like our differences!

Marilyn M. Pink, Ph.D., MBA, P.T., CEO

Marilyn’s experience in healthcare and sports medicine is that of a businesswoman, clinician and scientist. Examples of Marilyn’s accomplishments include:

Michael Weinper, P.T., MPH, CFO

The cornerstone of Michael’s expertise is in clinical practice, management, consulting, administration and program development. Examples of Michael’s accomplishments include:

Scott Hodson, MS - CTO

Scott is our expert in software development and online service providers. Examples of Scott’s endeavors include:

Monica Berndt – Marketing

Monica has over 25 years of experience as a marketing executive, with a strong entrepreneurial background. Example of her work includes:

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