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Physical Therapy Continuing Education Course

Conditioning the Hip / Trunk and Compensatory Swing Mechanics

Lecture Name

Conditioning the Hip / Trunk and Compensatory Swing Mechanics     $59.90

This lecture is part of the following course:


This lecture combines two topics. The first topic is that of strengthening the hip and trunk in the golfer. It identifies the anatomy of the ccore and the classification of the muscles as local and global. The three different stabilizing mechanisms within the spine will be defined and related to the golf swing. Evaluation, as well as strengthening and endurance training, of the core muscles will be addressed

The second section looks at compensatory swing mechanics in the golfer and identifies possible physical limitations related to the swing, such as restricted mobility and muscle weakness. This lecture interprets these physical limitations during the golf swing and discusses how to evaluate and treat the limitations.

Continuing education credits

This course is acceptable for credit in most states for PTs and PTAs. To see the full list of courses approved for continuing education in your state, visit our courses page and filter for "Physical Therapist" or "Physical Therapist Assistant" and your state of licensure.

Contact Hours: 2.00


Difficulty: Intermediate

Goals & Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Have a greater appreciation and understanding of the anatomy of the CORE.
  2. Apply the concepts of a CORE evaluation as it pertains to the identifying low back pain in golfers.
  3. Identify muscle testing for the CORE muscles.
  4. Identify the subsystems of stability and differentiate the local and global muscles.
  5. Perform special tests for the CORE subsystems.
  6. Identify the exercises to enhance performance and prevent injuries in golf.
  7. Apply the concepts of perturbation training to turn on the local muscles.
  8. Define muscle stiffness.
  9. Define stabilization exercises.
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