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Physical Therapy Continuing Education Course

A Case Study

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A Case Study     $74.88

This lecture is part of the following course:
Central Cervical Pain


Cervical spine pain can present in many forms, but in some cases it will include an acute mechanical deformity. The most common acute spinal mechanical deformity is a torticollis; this condition often first presents with an acute kyphotic deformity, or a fixed flexed position of the lower cervical spine. Left untreated, this painful condition can progress into a torticollis and will often present with radicular symptoms that may require surgical intervention.

This course will describe the clinical decision-making process and treatment for the successful management of this condition. The case study includes pictures from an actual patient with this presentation, and demonstrations of effective mechanical therapy procedures.

Continuing education credits

This course is acceptable for credit in most states for PTs and PTAs. To see the full list of courses approved for continuing education in your state, visit our courses page and filter for "Physical Therapist" or "Physical Therapist Assistant" and your state of licensure.

Contact Hours: 2.50


Difficulty: Intermediate

Goals & Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Identify acute mechanical cervical deformities.
  2. Recognize the presentation for an acute cervical kyphotic deformity.
  3. Understand the clinical reasoning that determines how to manage a cervical kyphotic deformity.
  4. Understand the appropriate loading strategy for this condition.
  5. Analyze the treatment steps utilizing MDT treatment principles.
  6. Understand the force progression used during treatment, including the use of manual therapy procedures.
  7. Develop a long-term prophylactic program for these patients after the resolution of symptoms.
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