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November 2009

Quiz yourself! Key question on sarcopenia, behavior of malignant cells, tests that can help with diagnosis & triage and the role of the hip in golf swings all help determine knowledge and familiarity with specific practice focus.

October 2009

EDUCATA announces the "learn and earn" rewards program, offering generous cash-back incentives to those who purchase through the end of 2009.

September 2009

All about GOLF. Dr. Donatelli, renown expert in this field, share his knowledge of this sport’s impact on the body and the important role of conditioning players for more a effective, injury-free game.

August 2009

Building a Work Injury Practice: Dr. Lauren Hebert explains the reasons and processes to successfully establish a consulting practice that helps prevent work-related injuries, resulting in safer environment, happier workers.

June 2009

Dr. Chad Cook on Differential Diagnosis, plus information on a CE process designed by the IFSP (sub-group of the WCPT), funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Foundation to developed competencies and audit tools for sports PTs in every country. Peer-reviewed journals.

April 2009

Treating the Aging Adult: articles on sarcopenia and other gerontology resources. Peer-reviewed journals made available as part of professional development for physical therapists worldwide.

March 2009

EDUCATA Announces Two New Courses: Differential Diagnosis by Dr. Chad Cook and Functional Assessment and Exercise for the Aging Adult by Dr. Dale Avers and Dr. Patrick VanBeveren. Links to physical therapy continuing education resources.
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