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March 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Marilyn Pink
Wow!  It has been great hearing from so many of you!  I have much to share in return: we are very proud to welcome two new partners-- organizations that have a lot to offer their membership:
And: we have added two fantastic new courses, with top ratings from eLearners!  (more on both of these below).   
As always, I look forward to hearing how your learning is going.  Let us know!  Best,   Marilyn M. Pink, PT, Ph.D.
Two new courses gray 3

We are very pleased to announce two new courses by three top-rated educators: 

The long anticipated Differential Diagnosis course, by Chad Cook, PT, MBA, Ph.D, OCS, FAAOMPT, is now available!  This 7.5 hour class consists of 4 lectures that can be taken separately or as part of a group.  When Dr. Cook lectures "live", his courses always sell out.  So, check it out!

Drs. Dale Aver's and Patrick VanBeveren's Functional Assessment & Exercise For The Aging Adult, Part I is also available!  The course is comprised of 4 lectures that offer evidence-based knowledge.  These lectures may well change the way you treat -- and condition -- this population!  

Note that you can PAUSE the lecture at any point and RESUME when you are ready.  And you can view it as many times as you want within 90 days of purchase. 
If you are in the US and need CEUs credits, check approvals for your state through the filter on the top right of the course catalog page.  New approvals are coming in daily! 
We are extremely pleased to announce that EDUCATA and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) are now partners in online education. We are very proud to help serve this incredible global association of 101 member nations and over 300,000 therapists.  
Through this partnership, therapists associated to member organizations will have access to all EDUCATA content, from its fully interactive courses to its library of peer-reviewed papers.  Whether in a remote village in Asia or a throbbing metropolis in Europe, PTs can connect up at their convenience, enjoy a rich learning environment and interact with our educators.  
MainePartnershipThe Maine Chapter of the APTA & EDUCATA Offer Joint Continuing Education for PTs!
We are very excited about partnering with the Maine Chapter of the APTA!  Our own goal of helping professionals stay on top of their game fits perfectly with the chapter's stated mission.  This partnership provides an opportunity for both organizations to expand the range and depth of their service to the PT community.  The nationally recognized practitioners and researchers that are part of our faculty team are available to students anywhere with the click of a mouse.  And visitors to the Maine APTA site can seamlessly navigate through a series of co-hosted pages and explore, enroll and take any class available in the EDUCATA course catalog. 
  • You've given us your terrific ideas on courses and eProfessors whom you'd like to have on-board.  We are on it!  If you have any other suggestions, please let us know! 
  • If you'd like to hear what others are saying about EDUCATA, check out the testimonials page.  Maybe there is something you'd like to add! 
  • Many of you have already become repeat customers!  Thanks!!  It looks like you first try one small lecture, then you go back for more.  'Try It - You'll like It" is a quote from one of the eLearners, and it sure seems to fit!
More new courses, content and features are planned for the upcoming weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled -- and make your March a fabulous one!


Marilyn M. Pink, PT, Ph.D.
EDUCATA founder & CEO
EDUCATA | 26635 West Agoura Road | Suite 250 | Calabasas | CA | 91302