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August 2009 --  Vol 1, Issue 4
CEO's Corner
Where is your Career Headed?
As a physical therapist, you don't want to miss Dr. Lauren Hebert's professional development course on Work Injury Consulting!  It not only offers you the knowledge to perform exceptionally as a work place consultant, it also offers turn-key business solutions to make it happen easily.
Marketing is something that many PTs are a bit uncomfortable with - and typically marketing know-how may be limited. Dr. Hebert covers not only the technical aspects of workplace consulting -- in this 4th lecture he shows us how to apply our knowledge profitably in the workplace.
EDUCATA is very proud to bring you this 10 hour continuing professional development course!  In these trying times, here's an invaluable tool to help your practice grow!
Take the whole course, or just a lecture to try it out! 
Enjoy your Continuing Education experience!
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Partner's Corner
ONCOLOGY PTs: The Oncology Section, APTA, will hold its regional conference in Portland, OR, in November 2009.  To request information, please click here.
The MAINE Chapter of the APTA Fall conference will be held on November 6 & 7.  To request more information, click here.
The Private Practice Section, APTA, Annual Conference
will be held on Nov 11-19, 2009

 PPS Conference
And the 16th World Physical Therapy Congress will be held June 20 - 23, 2011 in Amsterdam

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Other Courses
 Dr. Hebert & course
As physical therapists, we offer a valuable service to the workplace.  We are the preferred service provider in this niche. And, in contrast to the reimbursement system for patient care in the US, our services are paid, in full, by the workplace -- and at hourly rates sometimes exceeding US$300/hour.
By offering work injury consulting to our communities, we are actually:
  1. Minimizing the risk of injury in the workplace
  2. Maximimizing the systematic ease for the injured worker to receive prompt care in our private practice clinics, and
  3. Building a solid referral base for our clinics. 

What a great way to complement your rehabilitation services!

I hope you'll join me in this course on Building a Work Injury Consulting Practice and earn CEU's while you learn another cornerstone in developing a profitable practice.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Lauren Hebert, PT, DPT, OCS

"I rarely give 5/5 scores for continuing education courses, yet this course is definitely a 5!
"Dr. Hebert has hit a home run.  He not only addresses the component elements of a successful prevention program, but just as importantly, he teaches how to market prevention programs and spin-off services to employers."
 Clint S, PT, MPT work site physical therapist
  August special
Test your familiarity with this subject.  Take this quick 3 question quiz (see answers at bottom).
A.  Who pays the fee for providing an on-site injury prevention program, such as a Back School?
  1. The company's Workers' Comp insurer, using CPT code 97350.
  2. OSHA.
  3. It's paid directly by the workplace (private pay basis).
  4. Nobody; You provide this service to gain referrals to expand your clinic practice. 

B.  How does a PT begin a workplace evaluation?

  1. Ergonomics risks assessment of each job
  2. Analysis of the OSHA-300 log
  3. Employee flexibility, strength and posture screening
  4. The MSD School training program

C.  The NIOSH Lifting Equation calculation includes these, except...

  1. Body mechanics; worker lifting technique
  2. Grip mechanics
  3. Weight lifted
  4. Twisting
  5. Frequency of lifting
And the correct answers are...
A) 3   --    B) 2    --     C) 1   
How did you do?  Is this a subject about which you would like to learn more?  If so, please check out Dr. Hebert's excellent interactive class: Build a Work Injury Consulting Practice. 
Aging_coursesThe "Build a Work Injury Consulting Practice" Course & Lectures at EDUCATA
Curious?  Download the lecture outlines to see what YOU think about these highly rated classes.  Note that you can take the 10-hour course or get your feet wet by trying one lecture! 
  1. The Physical Therapist as a Work Injury Prevention Consultant (1.5 hours) Download outline 
    This course defines the physical therapist as the expert workplace injury consultant of choice. It describes the scope of services the physical therapist can offer to assist workers and workplaces reduce the impact of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The course emphasizes the role of the physical therapist as an MSD prevention consultant, which then leads to expanded roles in injured worker recovery.

  2. The Workplace MSD Pathomechanics and Risk Factors (2.50 hours) Download outline
    This course details the various issues that create and complicate workplace MSD. The course describes the pathogenesis of various work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) of the upper extremity and low back: overuse, micro-trauma, neurovascular entrapments, degeneration, dysfunction and derangements. Such issues as nutrient pathway, tissue ischemia, thoracic outlet compression, adverse neural tension and static posture versus repetitive tasks will be examined as contributors to MSD, along with ergonomics, work behaviors and workplace policies.

  3. Evaluation and Interventions (4.0 hours)  Download outline 
    This course discusses the following aspects of workplace MSD: risk factors identification, ergonomics and prevention interventions, how to assess workplace MSD risks, and how to develop effective prevention interventions. This lecture presents a range of specific tactics for building an effective workplace MSD prevention program.

  4. The Business of Workplace Consulting (2.0 hours)  Download outline
    This course teaches how to build a workplace consulting business plan that maximizes successful outcomes for workers, client workplaces and the physical therapy practitioner. The plan includes building a marketing plan that facilitates bringing your services to those who would benefit and branding yourself as an expert workplace injury consultant physical therapist. 
  • Dr. Lauren Hebert has developed a set of CDs that include his workplace "MSD School" ("Back School" plus "Neck and Arm School") along with materials on many other occupational health PT services to enable you to build a comprehensive occupational health PT practice.  See details at