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October 2009 --  Vol 1, Issue 6

Frequent buyer reward 

CEO's Corner
Check out EDUCATA's two great announcements this month! 
  • Learn and Earn!  One of the great things about this pilot program is that your reward is a Visa gift card - spend it wherever Visa cards are accepted!
  • And ...Have It Both Ways!!  We are proud to announce our first online lecture complemented by a hands-on lab!  This model gives you the ease and convenience of didactic learning while still offering you the hands-onexperience.
Enjoy your Continuing Education experience!

Marilyn M. Pink, PT, Ph.D.
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Other Courses
This month we have two fantastic announcements for you:

1. Member Reward Program!

While knowledge is its own reward, our market research has shown that our members would love a member reward program. That is why we are offering this pilot program between now and January 1, 2010. You will receive a Visa gift card for your purchases!

And, the more you buy, the more you earn. So, now fulfilling your CEU requirements can also mean cash in your pocket!
 Frequent learning chart
Here is how it works:
Purchase any course - loads of choices! Courses are taught by a stellar faculty. On January 2nd we will tally all purchases and send you your Visa gift card. So, make certain you have your correct address in your account please!

NOTE: does not apply in conjunction with other EDUCATA promotions. It is an exclusive offer.
2.  The FIRST Online Lecture + Hands-on Lab Course 
This is the FIRST of all FIRSTS! Many of you have enjoyed Dr. Landel's course, "The Dizzy and Imbalanced Patient." Now Dr. Landel is offering a hands-on lab to complement this lecture. Dr. Landel will lead this lab in February 2010 in Southern California!
Here's how it works:
  1. First, take his online course, The Dizzy and Imbalanced Patient
  2. Then you will be eligible to attend his hands-on course! To register, go to
More on the Dizzy and Imbalanced Patient
This course covers Differential Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment of patients with complaints of dizziness and/or balance problems. The online lecture is approved for 7.5 contact hours in every state. The lab is an additional 15 contact hours.
Partner's Corner
Nov 14-15, 2009
Providence Health System in  Portland, OR:
Interventions for Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors -- In the past, oncology patients were encouraged not to exercise for fear that such activities were detrimental. Now, exercise is increasingly viewed as an integral component of the treatment of oncology patients across the cancer spectrum. However, cancer and its treatment create novel clinical situations requiring rehabilitation professionals to correctly and appropriately apply exercise as a therapeutic intervention.  Given that exercise training is a relatively new therapeutic intervention for this patient population, completion of this course will help rehabilitation professionals to identify new practice opportunities.
APTA of MarylandThe MAINE Chapter of the APTA Fall Conference will be held on November 6 & 7.  To request more information, click here.
PPS ConferenceThe APTA's Private Practice Section Annual Conference will be held on Nov 11-19, 2009.
WCPT CongressAnd the 16th World Physical Therapy Congress will be held June 20-23, 2011 in Amsterdam.