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November 2009 --  Vol 1, Issue 7
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This month we are doing something a bit different -- we are challenging you to take five minutes of your time and do a pop-quiz, just for the fun of it.
How sharp are your skills in geriatrics, oncology, sports and diagnosis? If you know the answer to these questions, congratulations!  If not, check out the links below each section!
Have fun, keep learning!
Marilyn Pink
President and CEO
True or False?
Sarcopenia smallA 67-year old demonstrates smaller muscle mass, increased intra-muscular fat, larger sub-cutaneous fat and decreased cortical bone mass than does a 19-year-old.

True or False? If sarcopenia were completely eliminated, 85% of the disability in older men and 26% of the disability cases in older women would be eliminated.

What causes malignancy?
Cellular activityIn order for a malignancy to develop, which of the following must occur:

--  Self sufficiency in growth signals 
--  Failure of tumor suppressor genes 
--  Tissue invasion
--  Limitless cell reproduction
--  Creation of own blood supply
--  Avoidance of automatic cell death
Know Enough to Triage?
Triaga graphWhich of the following is an assessment for instability/hypermobility and should be used to rule out selected conditions?

--  Thessaly's test
--  Forced dorsiflexion test
--  Ringold's assessment of instability
--  Beighton score for hypermobility

"Foundational Clinical Decision Making" (Differential Diagnosis) lecture outline

Download: "A description of physical therapists' knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions", by: Childs JD, Whitman JM, Sizer PS, Pugia ML, Flynn TW, Delitto A
Seen the Golfer's Swing?
Golfers, smallOne possible physical limitation of the left hip in the take away in the golf swing of a right handed golfer could be:
--  Poor eccentric strength of the external rotators
--  Poor eccentric strength of the Gluteus maximus
--  Poor eccentric strength of the hamstrings
--  Poor eccentric strength of the quadriceps

"Conditioning the Hip and Trunk" (Golf) lecture outline

Download "Improving Golf Performance with a Warm-up Conditioning Programme", by: Fradkin AJ, Sherman CA, Finch CF
VisaMORE on the Popular "Learn & Earn" Program
Frequent learning chartSince we introduced it last month, many of PTs have taken advantage of our "Learn and Earn" program.  We created this program to make it rewarding to get your CEUs -- whether they are due at the end of the year or sometime in 2010.  EDUCATA will pay you back with a VISA card, based on the amount purchased, so now fulfilling your con ed requirements can also mean cash in your pocket!
Here is how it works:
Purchase any course - loads of choices! Courses are taught by a stellar faculty. On January 2nd we will tally all purchases and send you your Visa gift card. So, make certain you have your correct address in your account please!

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LearnAndEarn2.  The FIRST Online Lecture + Hands-on Lab Course 
This is the FIRST of all FIRSTS! Many of you have enjoyed Dr. Landel's course, "The Dizzy and Imbalanced Patient." Now Dr. Landel is offering a hands-on lab to complement this lecture. Dr. Landel will lead this lab in February 2010 in Southern California!
This format provides a great advantage: by first taking the online course, the lab time will be spent mostly on hands-on instruction!  
Here's how it works:
  1. First, take his online course, The Dizzy and Imbalanced Patient
  2. Then you will be eligible to attend his hands-on course! To register, go to
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