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Physical Therapy Continuing Education eProfessor Profile

Chad Cook PT, Ph.D., M.B.A., FAAOMPT

Dr. Cook is an internationally acclaimed expert in differential diagnosis. He teaches over 2,000 physical therapists a year on the topic, and his books have sold over 5,000 copies. His writing and teaching is evidence-based and well received, as demonstrated through his over 70 peer-reviewed publications and his multiple awards in teaching and writing.
  • Professor and Vice-Chief of Research at Duke University's Division of Physical Therapy in Durham, North Carolina.
  • Has published over 70 peer-reviewed research articles, as well as two books.
  • Past editor-in-chief, Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy.
  • Williams Evans Research Fellow, University of Otago, 2012.
  • 2009 Dorothy E. Baethke — Eleanor J. Carlin Award recipient for Excellence in Academic Teaching from the APTA.
  • Two-time recipient of the OPTP/JMMT Literature Review Award.
  • Three-time recipient of Duke University’s physical therapy teaching award.
  • Senior Faculty with Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.


Differential Diagnosis (7.50 hours)

Chad Cook PT, Ph.D., M.B.A., FAAOMPT

Recommended Lecture Sequence:
  1. Foundational Clinical Decision Making (2.00 hours) - $59.90 -    - Buy Course
  2. Spot Diagnosis or Triage (2.00 hours) - $59.90 -    - Buy Course
  3. Differential Diagnosis of the Upper Quarter (1.50 hours) - $44.93 -    - Buy Course
  4. Differential Diagnosis of the Lower Quarter (2.00 hours) - $59.90 -    - Buy Course

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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  • Cook C, Merrifield H. Distance learning outcomes for Texas Tech University’s physical therapy program. J Phys Ther Ed. 2003;17:76-9
  • Cook C, Shroyer J. Vigorous physical activity and fall occurrence. Phys Occupational Ther Geriatrics. 2003;20:1-19
  • Cook C. The effect of a pre-perceptual educational instrument on inter-rater reliability in physical therapists. Internet Journal of Allied Health and Sciences 2003;1,2
  • Cook C, Stickley L, Akram N, Benavides Y, Renz C, Ramey K. Inter-rater reliability of coupling pattern observations of the pathological lumbar spine: A pilot study. J Man Manipulative Ther. 2004;12(4):192-8
  • Cook C, Brismee JM, Sizer P. Factors associated with physiotherapists' confidence during assessment of clinical cervical and lumbar spine instability. Physiother Res Int. 2005;10:59-71
  • Cook C, Brismee JM, Fleming R, Sizer P. Identifiers suggestive of clinical cervical spine instability: a Delphi study of physical therapists. Phys Ther. 2005;85:895-906
  • Cook C, Brismee JM, Sizer P. S Subjective and objective descriptors of clinical lumbar spine instability: a Delphi study. Man Ther. 2006;11:11-21
  • Cook C; Richardson JK; Braga, L, Menezes A; Soler X; Kume P; Zaninelli, M; Socolows F; Pietrobon R. Cross Cultural adaptation and validation of the Brazilian Portuguese version of the Neck Disability Index and Neck Pain and Disability Scale. Spine. 2006;31:1621-7
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  • Cook C, Cook A, Worrell TE. Manual Therapy Provided by Physical Therapists in a Hospital Based Setting: A Retrospective Analysis. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2008 (accepted)
  • Cook C, Ngyen L, Hegedus E, Sandago A, Pietrobon R, Constantinou D, Bavornrit C, Jaspal S, Moorman CT. Continental variations in pre-operative and post-operative management of patients with anterior cruciate ligament repair. European J Phys Rehabil Med. (accepted 2008).
  • Shamji M, Cook C, Tackett S, Pietrobon R, Brown C, Isaacs R. Impact of Surgical Approach on Complications and Resource Utilization of Cervical Spine Fusion: A Nationwide Perspective to the Surgical Treatment of Diffuse Cervical Spondylosis. Spine J. 2008 (accepted)
  • Cook C, Hawkins J, Aldridge JM, Tolan S, Krupp R, Bolognesi M. Comparison of Perioperative Complications in Patients With and Without Rheumatoid Arthritis who Receive Total Elbow Replacement. J Shoulder Elbow Surg (2008) accepted.

Other Publications

  • Cook C. Preparing for the Medicare changes: rehab facilities will need to adapt to stay viable. PT-OT-Speech Today. 1998 2 Mar.
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  • Cook C. Setting productivity goals: it doesn’t mean losing control of patient care. ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation. 1999;8(6):13-15.
  • Cook C. Growing your business: 6 steps to better profits. ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation. 1999;8(8).
  • Cook C, Satterwhite R. Once upon a time: business might not grow like Jack’s beanstalk but you can still make money. ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation. 2000;9(5):11-14.
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  • Jan K. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award, Duke University (3rd years), 2007.
  • Helen May Bradley Career Achievement Award, Maryville University, 2007. Awarded to a physical therapist who embodies the traits and achievements of Helen May Bradley, the first physical therapist to practice in Missouri.
  • Williams Evans Research Fellow, University of Otago, 2012.
  • Excellence in Research Award, AAOMPT, 2011.
  • Dorothy E. Baethke — Eleanor J. Carlin Award, APTA, 2009. Awarded annually to acknowledge an individual who has made significant contributions to physical therapy education through excellence in academic teaching.
  • Texas Tech University Banner Bearer, 2003. Awarded annually to the consensus-selected top graduate student from Texas Tech University.
  • OPTP/JMMT Literature Review Award, 2003. Awarded annually for best published literature review.
  • OPTP/JMMT Literature Review Award, 2005.
  • J. Warren Perry Distinguished Author Award, 2005. Awarded for article with the most significant impact in rehabilitation within the Journal of Allied Health.
  • U.S. Bone and Joint Young Investigators Initiative Award (AAOS), 2005. Awarded to rising young investigators. Designed to provide an infrastructure to obtain an NIH grant.
  • Jan K. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award, Duke University (3rd years), 2006. Student-voted top teacher in the physical therapy program.
  • Jan K. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award, Duke University (1st years), 2006.


  • Cook C, Hegedus E. Orthopedic Physical Examination Tests: An Evidence-Based Approach. Upper Saddle River NJ; Prentice Hall: 2008
  • Cook C. Orthopedic Manual Therapy: An Evidence Based Approach. Upper Saddle River NJ; Prentice Hall: 2007

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