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Physical Therapy Continuing Education eProfessor Profile

Susan Stralka PT, DPT, MS

Dr. Stralka is a licensed physical therapist with many years of experience treating both musculoskeletal and neurovascular consequences of injury. She has presented nationally and internationally on upper and lower extremity dysfunctions, as well as pain management. Dr. Stralka has held numerous state and national offices with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Arthritis Association. With the goal of providing the best rehabilitative care to patients, she continually recruits and supports innovative clinical programs to benefit future patients.

Examples of Dr. Stralka's accomplishments include:

  • Active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, the Tennessee Chapter of the APTA, and several sections of the APTA, including the Hand Rehabilitation Section.
    • Member of the Committee on Legislative Reimbursement for the Section on Clinical Electrophysiology since 1990.
    • Media spokesperson for the APTA since 1992.
    • Former Secretary of the Tennessee Chapter.
  • Former guest lecturer at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Author of multiple articles on a wide variety of topics related to physical therapy for many national publications and health journals, including the Journal of Hand Therapy.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall (7.50 hours)

Susan Stralka PT, DPT, MS

Recommended Lecture Sequence:
  1. A Motor Imagery Program (7.50 hours) - $224.63 -    - Buy Course

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Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity: Evaluation and Treatment Strategies (5.00 hours)

Susan Stralka PT, DPT, MS

Recommended Lecture Sequence:
  1. It’s Not Just About the Hand (5.00 hours) - $149.75 -    - Buy Course

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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  • Polly DW, Ackerman SJ, Shaffrey CI, et al. A cost analysis of bone morphogenetic protein versus autogenous iliac crest bone graft in single-level anterior lumbar fusion. Orthopedics. 2003 Oct;26(10):1027-37.
  • Stralka SW. Hand therapy treatment. Hand Clin. 2016 Feb;32(1):63-9.
  • Priganc VW, Stralka SW. Graded motor imagery. J Hand Ther. 2011 Apr-Jun;24(2):164-8; quiz 169.
  • Stralka SW, Jackson JA, Lewis AR. Treatment of hand and wrist pain. A randomized clinical trial of high voltage pulsed, direct current built into a wrist splint. AAOHN J. 1998 May;46(5):233-6.
  • Sisk TD, Stralka SW, Deering MB, Griffin JW. Effect of electrical stimulation on quadriceps strength after reconstructive surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament. Am J Sports Med. 1987 May-Jun;15(3):215-20.
  • Griffin JW, Newsome LS, Stralka SW, Wright PE. Reduction of chronic posttraumatic hand edema: a comparison of high voltage pulsed current, intermittent pneumatic compression, and placebo treatments. Phys Ther. 1990 May;70(5):279-86.
  • Phillips BB, Canale ST, Sisk TD, Stralka SW, Wyatt KP. Ruptures of the proximal biceps tendon in middle-aged patients. Orthop Rev. 1993 Mar;22(3):349-53.
  • Connolly BH, Stralka SW, Zeno MB. Interrater reliability of the Polaroid HealthCam System in assessing scoliosis. Phys Ther Pract. 1994 Jul.
  • Snyder-Mackler L, Delitto A, Stralka SW, Bailey SL. Use of electrical stimulation to enhance recovery of quadriceps femoris muscle force production in patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Phys Ther. 1994 Oct;74(10):901-7.
  • Snyder-Mackler L, Delitto A, Bailey SL, Stralka SW. Strength of the quadriceps femoris muscle and functional recovery after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. A prospective, randomized clinical trial of electrical stimulation. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1995 Aug;77(8):1166-73.

Other Publications

  • Stralka SW. An overview on pain and graded motor imagery: part 1. ASHT Times. 2015 Spring;22(1).
  • Stralka SW. Motor imagery and graded motor imagery technique for motor function: part 2. ASHT Times. 2015 Winter;22(4).


  • Dorothy B. Kaufmann Professor Award, Philadelphia Hand Rehabilitation Foundation, 2012.
  • Volunteer of the Year, Arthritis Association, 2009.
  • Malcolm Fraser Community Service Award, The University of Memphis National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2004.
  • Outstanding Service Award, Tennessee chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, 2003.


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