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Why Educata?

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Here’s why our customers say they choose Educata: 

1. Quality
2. Convenience
3. Cost
4. Ease

Compare our introductory low fee of $29.95/contact hour to the cost of attending one conference! No travel expense, no hotel costs, no time away from home and family – an, at your convenience! Plus the top speakers – the same ones you travel to hear at National conferences – are all available to you! Not only that, but, you have the opportunity to actually INTERACT with the eProfessors
It’s easy! Here is what you do: 
    Select a course that suits your interest.
        On your time frame – and in your environment
Determine your Baseline Knowledge for that Course...decide if it is right for you!
        Download the Course Outline and Bibliography
        Listen to the Course as often as you’d like within a 90 day time frame!
        Demonstrate your Evidence of Learning at Exit
        Rate the Instructor
        You’ve earned your completion certificate!
        Store your certificate in your personal vault for up to 7 years!

What is Baseline Learning and Evidence at Exit?
Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears? 
    One of the beds was too hard, another was too soft and the third was just right!
That is why we take a Baseline Knowledge measurement prior to the lecture. We wouldn’t want the course to be too easy or too hard. We want it just right for you! If you score over 50% we notify you immediately after the Baseline Knowledge inventory. That allows you to judge whether this course is too easy for you – or just right!
Also, it’s a real advantage for our eProfessors to know the audience and make the course content the best possible fit for you. Hear what our eProfessors are saying! And the Evidence at Exit provides you a Competency Based Certificate!

Evidence and Competency Based Learning
What’s that mean to you?
Evidence Based Learning is about inputs and outputs. Our content is research based, so you’ll know it’s fact – you can prove it to your colleagues and see the outcomes in your patients. We also measure the outcome of your learning (this is the Competency part). Uniquely …our faculty is rewarded for your learning. So, we know what we need to change and can measure the changes.

Extended Learning
Of course, the real proof of your learning is the next time you see a patient. So, after you’ve had a chance to go back in the clinic and apply your knowledge, we invite you to participate in two more learning activities: the email serve and the eProfessor’s Bulletin Board. FREE! Email us your questions and comments. At least quarterly, your eProfessor will respond to those on the Classroom Bulletin Board or in a chat room.

Interactive Learning
Not only do you interact with the lectures via the Baseline Learning and the Evidence at Exit, but there are also pop-up questions through-out the lecture. The questions – and your answers – reinforce your learning. And, you are invited into the Extended Learning...FREE of charge!

Repeated Viewings
View your course as many times as you please! Your content is available to you for 90 days after you purchase your course!

Your Personal Educata Vault
Time to turn your Certificates into your Licensing Renewal Board? Can you find them? Do you know when you need to do that? If you like, we’ll keep them for you in your personal, password protected Safety Deposit Box. For FREE! And, … we’ll even remind you when your license is due for renewal. Use your mind for the important things in life – don’t worry about finding your Continuing Education Certificates!

Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the event that an EDUCATA online course is cancelled, the course description page will list such 90 days in advance of cancelling the course. The listing of said course will include the date of cancellation.

When a member registers for a course, the payment is submitted via the Internet, and the member has immediate access to the course for which he or she has registered. Our registration process offers access to a course description, abbreviated outline, course objectives as well as instructor information. The member has ample opportunity to make an informed decision regarding course choice prior to purchase.

Once the member takes the Course Pre-test, there is no opportunity for a refund as they have entered the course. The only EXCEPTION is for non-ethics, non-medical errors and non-jurisprudence courses. That EXCEPTION is that if an individual score 80% or better on the pre-test and goes no further, they are eligible for a refund minus a 20% administrative fee, if so requested within 10 days of completing the pre-test. The rationale herein, is that the member may already possess knowledge within the course, therefore, there would be no enhancement of knowledge/clinical care for them to take the course.

If a member pays for a course, and then realizes he/she had course credits available, a refund minus a 20% administrative fee will be made, if requested within 10 days of purchase.

Should a member be dissatisfied with one of our courses, he or she may contact us to resolve the issue on a case by case basis at or 805-495-7477.

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